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In today’s digital landscape, website security is not just a priority; it’s a necessity. With the rise in cyber threats, safeguarding your WordPress website has never been more critical. Our approach to website security is proactive. We believe in prevention rather than reaction. Our team employs cutting-edge technologies and best practices to fortify your website’s defenses and ensure its ongoing security.

WPeople offers comprehensive WordPress website security services designed to protect your website from all angles. When you choose WPeople for your WordPress website security, you’ll enjoy the following features and benefits:

100+ Experienced Professionals
10+ Years of Cumulative Experience
350+ Website crafted & delivered
90+ Industry Domain Consulted
Build Powerful WordPress Web Security


Learn Why choose WordPress Web Security

WordPress security is essential to keep your website protected from potential security threats and attacks.

Malware Detection and Removal

We employ advanced malware scanning and removal tools to detect and eliminate malware and malicious code, ensuring your site remains clean and secure.

Vulnerability Assessments

We conduct regular security audits and vulnerability assessments to identify weaknesses in the website’s code, plugins, and configurations.

Regular Security Audits

We perform regular security audits to stay ahead of evolving threats and maintain the highest level of protection.

Security Updates

We keep your website’s WordPress core, themes, and plugins up to date with the latest security patches to address the vulnerabilities.

DDoS Protection

Implement DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection to prevent your website from being overwhelmed by traffic floods.

Real-Time Monitoring

Implement 24/7 monitoring for unusual activities, intrusion attempts, or security breaches, allowing for immediate response.

SSL Certificate Installation

Install and maintain SSL/TLS certificates to encrypt data transmitted between the website and its visitors.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Utilize a CDN to distribute website content across multiple servers, improving website speed and security.

Our Process

Security Assessment

We start by conducting a thorough security assessment of our clients’ WordPress website to identify potential vulnerabilities and security risks.

Security Planning

We develop a custom security plan for the website that addresses the identified vulnerabilities and risks.

Security Implementation

We implement the security plan by installing and configuring security plugins, updating WordPress core, plugins and themes, and adding additional security layers as needed.


We create high-coverage end-to-end testing website’s security measures to ensure that they are effective in preventing potential security threats.

WordPress Website Security

  • Keep WordPress & Plugins Updated
  • Strong Password Protechtion
  • Implement Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Install Security Plugins*
  • Implement Content Security Policies (CSP)
  • Implement Intrusion Detection System (IDS)*

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Pricing Packages

Customize your WordPress developer hire with our clear and flexible pricing options. We emphasize code security and confidentiality, ensuring peace of mind through comprehensive NDAs.

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The most common security threats to WordPress websites include hacking attempts, malware infections, brute force attacks, and SQL injection attacks.

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