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At WPoeple, we specialize in creating custom plugins that extend the functionality of your WooCommerce store. We use a variety of technologies to develop WooCommerce plugins, including PHP, JavaScript, and SQL. We also have a deep understanding of WooCommerce’s API and hooks, which allows us to create plugins that are tightly integrated with WooCommerce’s latest and older version. Woocommerce plugins developed by us:
Easy Donation for Woocommerce, Gift Pack for Woocommerce.
No matter what your WooCommerce plugin needs are, WPoeple can help.

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Learn Why Choose Woocommerce Plugin Development

WooCommerce is a popular and powerful e-commerce plugin for WordPress, and there are several reasons why you might choose WooCommerce plugin development for your e-commerce website. Here are some key benefits:

Extend the Store Capacity

WooCommerce allows you to add new features and functionality to your WooCommerce store that are not available in the core WooCommerce platform. This can help you to improve the customer experience, increase sales, and streamline your operations.

Integrate Third-party Services

At WPeople, we can also help you to integrate your WooCommerce store with third-party services, such as CRM systems, shipping carriers, and payment processors. This can help you to automate tasks, streamline your workflow, and improve the efficiency of your business.

Automate tasks

WooCommerce plugin development can also help you to automate tasks in your WooCommerce store, such as sending order confirmation emails, updating product inventory, and generating reports.

Batter Shopping Experience

With a custom WooCommerce plugin, Personalize the shopping experience by recommending products to customers based on their purchase history and browsing behavior.

Gain a competitive advantage

WooCommerce plugins with new features, help you to differentiate your WooCommerce store from other stores and offer your customers a unique and engaging shopping experience.

Increase sales and revenue

WooCommerce plugins can also help you to increase sales and revenue, by Implementing dynamic pricing to offer discounts and promotions to customers and creating upsell and cross-sell opportunities to encourage customers to purchase more items.

Our Process

Understand Client Requirements

We understand our clients’ unique requirements for their custom Woocommerce plugin such as their business needs, user requirements, and technical specifications.

Plugin Design

We design a custom plugin based on the requirements that meets the client’s needs.

Development Plugin

We follow the latest technologies, coding standard and industry best practices to develop the custom Woocommerce plugin.


We create high-coverage and end-end testing on the plugin that it meets the client’s requirements.

Woocommerce Plugin Development

  • Conceptualization and Ideation
  • Requirements Analysis and Feature List
  • Basic Plugin Structure and Files
  • Implement Plugin Functionality
  • User Interface and Frontend
  • Testing, Debugging, and Refinement

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A WooCommerce plugin is a software add-on that extends the functionality of the WooCommerce platform. It provides additional features and capabilities that are not included in the core WooCommerce software.

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