Real-Estate Website For Buying & Selling Property

Globelinks Urban Renewal is an innovative real-estate website that is designed to make it easy for customers to search for buying and selling real-estate property at different locations with a quick customer support system. The website is built using modern web technologies WordPress and is optimized for a smooth user experience across different devices.

It built many Real Estate projects which include the design and construction of hundreds of apartments. The website is optimized for performance and speed, and responsive design for mobile and desktop devices. This website is designed by Us that offer a new and high-quality living environment and provide best residential experience to the customers.

Real Estate


Essential Element


  • Built a user-friendly and responsive menu design that helps visitors easily navigate through different sections of the website.
  • A comprehensive database of properties for sale or rent, with detailed information, including descriptions, images, price, location, and property type.
  • This website provide Accessibility tool where customers can increase or minimize text, shadow grey, high contrast, light background, readable font and many more.
  • Built Real-time chat or chatbot for instant customer support.


The idea behind this project is that it provides cutting-edge real-estate solutions where customer can easily search to buying home and apartment at different real-estate projects and locations.



Our challenging part was to optimize page site speed and mobile responsiveness. Our expert WordPress developers optimized page site speed for both devices and created fully mobile responsive website in very short period of time.



To overcome this challenge, the website was designed to showcase the different types of real-estate properties that they offer. The website also includes detailed property descriptions, images and specifications, which help users make informed decisions about which best to choose. The website was built with a clean and minimalist design. The website also includes a Inquiry form, and quick customer support which makes it easy for users to find property what they are looking for.



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